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Icons. Lots and lots of icons.

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♫ Zack - So It Goes

So tell me what you want. I can give you bigger than you want.

The song "Perfect Symmetry" by Keane becomes ever more relevant as the years go by. Just watching the world makes me see how true this song really is.

「i shake through the wreckage for signs of life
scrolling throug the paragraphs
clicking through the photographs

i wish i could make sense of what we do
burning down the capitals
wisest of the animals

who are you? what are you living for?
tooth for tooth, maybe we’ll go one more

this life, is lived in perfect symmetry
what i do, that will be done to me

write page after page of analysis
looking for the final score
we’re no closer than we were before

who are you? what are you fighting for?
holy truth, brother i choose this mortal life
lived i perfect symmetry

what i do, that will be done to me
as the neddle slips into the run out grove
love, maybe you’ll feel it too

and maybe you find that life is unkind
and over so soon
theres no golden gate
theres no heaven waiting for you

oh boy you otta leave this town
get out while you can
the needles running out
the voices in the street you love
everything is better when you hear that sound

spineless dreamers
hide in churches
pieces of pieces of rush hour buses
i dream in emails
worn out phrases
mile after mile of just empty pages」
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Poll #1644914 I'm concidering making a community for to upload my icons.

Your thoughts?

Sound great!
Maybe you should just put them here.
Wait. You make icons?
I don't know.
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